Burbank Dances Past Exit of Tonight Show

When the Tonight Show moved to New York after more than 40 years in Burbank, people thought that Burbank might be past its prime. But the city, like a good steak, is still the primo destination for tourists looking to discover the true heart of Hollywood. The city boasts an airport and a slew of great restaurants and vintage boutiques.

What’s more, it still has all the jazz required of a movie-town destination with unique cool eateries and hot stores. See link list below.

A micropolis of just over 100,000 people, nestled into less than 18 square miles, Burbank provides Hollywood glitz and suburban charm. The town is more than leftover sparkle from Tinsel Town. It boasts two movie studios: The Walt Disney company and Warner Brothers. What’s more, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon make the city their home. Even Yahoo! is a Burbankian, with over 500 employees in town.

Visitors to Burbank certainly enjoy touring the studios in Burbank proper, as well as jumping over nearby Universal Studios. Soon the West Coast version of a Harry Potter town will be opening up in Universal City — bringing more fun and fantasy to the Burbank area. Visitors can open a treasure box of activities in Burbank proper. Everything from old diners a la Pulp Fiction — to gorgeous mountains for hiking. Burbank has a Mediterranean climate, which translates to one sunny day after another.

There is a $300 million outdoor mall called the Empire Center, a smaller indoor mall, appropriately named “Town Center Mall” and, of course, lovely downtown Burbank, a neighborhood of shops and restaurants designed for people watching. Downtown Burbank has an annual art show in April, an annual classic car show in late summer, and a weekly farmer’s market on Saturdays (behind the City Hall on Third Street). Locals and tourists alike enjoy Burbank, which has own version of the Hollywood Bowl, the more intimate Starlight Bowl.

Come on over! You might see Demi Moore at the local Monte Carlo restaurant or Jay Leno driving one of his custom cars past Johnny Carson Park.


Hungry? Enjoy a Burbankian restaurant: Porto’s Bakery (sandwiches to pine for) or The Castaway (fine dining on the hill)

Ready from some unique shopping locations? Head to the famed Magnolia Boulevard: Atomic Records, Halloween Town, Creature Features


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